AAA Size NiMH Battery

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Heavy battery users now have a fantastic new choice that has dropped dramatically in price. They have much more power than even alkaline batteries, can be recharged or topped off anytime, and don't have the same "memory effect" as NiCad batteries. Their only drawback is all NiMH self discharge about half their energy in two months without use. This confirms their best purpose is for a heavy battery user. Can be recharged about 500 times and last for years. They work great in high drain situations like a digital camera or a transceiver.

Using NiMH rechargeable batteries instead of single-use alkaline batteries can save you a lot of money. If you own a digital camera, you know that they use alkaline batteries at an alarmingly fast rate. NiMH batteries, on the other hand, were developed especially to meet the higher energy demands of today's electronic devices. NiMH batteries are more powerful and more environmentally friendly than standard alkaline or NiCad batteries. NiMH batteries also don't suffer from the "memory effect" like NiCad batteries.

Rechargeable batteries need to be "conditioned" – charged and discharged at least three or four times – to come up to full capacity.

Type Milliamp Hours (Runtime)
AA 2,500 mAh
AAA 1,000 mAh
C 5,000 mAh
D 10,000 mAh
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Do NiMH batteries need to be conditioned?

Generally no, but our own research shows a full charge and discharge cycle for the first three uses significantly increase the capacity of NiMH batteries. However they can be recharged at any state of discharge with no danger to the batteries.
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Can be recharged about 500 times and last for years. Can also be recharged or topped off anytime
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