We are sorry, but Reciva's software is 15 years old and it no longer works. There is no path to upgrade due to the age of the code and the incompatibility with new hardware. In addition, there are no longer people who fundamentally understand the ins-and-outs of this proprietary code and programming. We have exhausted all possibilities along these lines. This is the nature of all software and hardware, at some point it reaches End-Of-Life and is obsolete.

We know how important Internet radio is to our customers. We have completed a new radio called the CC WiFi-3. It uses a new third-party stream provider called Skytune.

About the CC WiFi-3

  • It looks similar to our previous models but is much faster with a 32 bit processor
  • There is still no monthly fee
  • More and better selection of stations
  • It is somewhat easier to use than our previous models
  • Audio is good for voice clarity
  • Headphone and Line Out Audio output is one of the best available to your stereo or amplified speakers
  • It has an adjustable equalizer centered on 105, 300, 850, 2,400 and 6,900 Hz plus preamp and 3D for voice clarity and bass adjustment.
  • The equalizer works on Line Out and Headphones and it also has 11 different standard audio settings like “Rock”
  • Nobody tracks what you listen to
  • No graphical advertising shows up on the screen
  • External antenna for superior reception
  • Full Size Remote Control
  • Advanced users can input their own valid URLs which are not dependent on Skytune servers
  • Two year limited warranty

We think the CC WiFi-3 is a remarkable radio for listening to a clear signal from your favorite station and for discovering new stations. You can go to, click on the "Radio" header and check to see that they carry your favorite station or host.

The CC WiFi-3 comes with the risk of losing connection to Skytune's server if they were to shut down in the future. As we have previously documented in our catalog and on the web: C. Crane has no control over content or the stream provider for Internet radios and cannot be responsible for Internet radio programs or availability.

You can check out a recent CC WiFi-3 review at