Our Story

C. Crane's radio division began soon after Bob and Sue Crane moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the beautiful and remote Redwood Country of far Northern California. As they settled into Fortuna, nestled in the heart of the Redwoods, Bob tried to tune in his favorite Bay-Area radio stations, and was shocked. There were only a few radio stations available until nighttime arrived that's when the AM dial came alive. Around that time, Bob spent many hours during the day at a drafting table and found that he missed listening to KGO, San Francisco so much while he was working that his drafting and designs were slowing down.

After about a year of searching, the Cranes found a simple antenna for AM that gave them fantastic AM reception – even through the trees – and they knew they had to get the word out. So, they decided to expand their company to market this wonderful antenna. They advertised the antenna on the radio, and after a few learning experiences, the C. Crane radio division was up and running.

That was over 30 years ago. Bob, Sue and Grandma Faye were the first phone operators. Their customers quickly taught them what they wanted in the way of products and services, and with their input, Bob and Sue grew C. Crane into a family-based business guided by strong ethics.

Since selling their first AM antenna, C. Crane has become a premier electronics company. We have developed several radios to serve radio listeners that prefer information, talk radio and audio tuned for voice clarity. After several near 7.0 earthquakes, in 1992 we added radio and light products that would become essentials during an emergency event anywhere in the country.

Thanks for choosing C. Crane. The items included in the C. Crane Catalog are always either the best of their class or the best for the money. All of C. Crane's products must pass extensive testing to maintain high quality standards.