Wyze Cameras

Would you like to use the CC Vector with security cameras? Here's one possible solution:
C. Crane has no affiliation with Wyze or its equipment. We cannot be responsible for any problems you may have or any technical advice you may need on Wyze devices to have it work successfully.
What equipment do I need to use Wyze with the CC Vector systems? You’ll need a WiFi internet connection (it won’t work without one) and a 120V power outlet or standard USB port.
How many cameras can I connect with Wyze? There is no limit to the number of cameras you can have, but you can only view 4 simultaneously using the Wyze app with split screen.
Is Wyze compatible with a Windows® PC. Although Wyze is made exclusively for Android devices, Apple devices, and Mac computer. You can use it with a Windows PC using an Android emulator like BlueStacks (free download). We recommend this for advanced users only as it can be confusing.
Is Wyze compatible with a Mac computer? Yes, there is an app available for a Mac computer.
What is the cost of a Wyze camera? There are various models of Wyze cameras for indoor or outdoor that range from $36 to $100.
Is the setup difficult? You will need to download the Wyze app on your Apple or Android device. After that press a button on the camera that walks you through the rest of it. The camera will talk during setup as you follow your onscreen instructions. You will need to know your WiFi network name and password.
Can you record video from the camera? There are various models with SD card slots for recording directly to the camera. Cloud based internet storage is also available using “Cam Plus” for $1.99 per camera per month or $14.99 per camera for a whole year.
Will my Wyze cam give me notifications when motion is detected? Yes. You can make it record continuously or record when the motion detector is activated. You can toggle through the events you were notified about.