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How To Make A Shortwave Antenna For The NEW CC Skywave 2


With the new shortwave antenna input jack on the CC Skywave 2, connecting a DIY SW antenna can be a lot easier. click here to read more.


How To Make A Shortwave Antenna


My favorite SW antenna wire is "100 feet of 20 gauge stranded black hook up wire". It’s small enough to go though a window and close it. Always test your antenna before you take the time to make it look nice and neat. click here to read more.


Preparing for an Emergency


These days, preparing for an emergency doesn't just mean being ready for a storm or an earthquake. Forces of nature aren't the only things we need to account for, we also need to account for the unexpected, intentional attack on our sense of peace. Still, whatever the source of an emergency, you'll always be in better shape if you've done something to prepare for the unexpected. Knowing your environment will help you determine exactly what you need, but there are some things that just about everyone agrees you should have available during an emergency. Here's a quick list of items that you should keep in an emergency kit: click here to read more.




On this page, we want to give you the essential information to help you get started with downloading and listening to the podcasts you choose. The first thing we would like to mention is that in order to listen to podcasts the only thing you need is a computer with Internet access. That's right, despite the name of a popular MP3 player being included in the word "podcast", listening to podcasts doesn't require the use of that particular type of MP3 player. In fact, if you want to take your podcasts with you, you can download them from your computer to any type of MP3 player, including our particular favorite, the CC Witness Plus. click here to read more.


NOAA - One of the Best Kept Secrets on the Web


Some people say "Noah" and some people say "N, O double AA". Either way, they're all talking about the same organization, the "National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"; perhaps the best-kept secret in government.

click here to read more.


Improving AM Reception


C. Crane has narrowed AM Reception issues down to two basic ideas:
  1. A good AM Antenna is of the essence: an inexpensive radio with a good antenna will outperform an expensive radio with a poor antenna
  2. A good antenna where there's no signal won't make a difference: the antenna has to be in the path of the radio signal
click here to read more.

Hurricanes And How Radios Are Essential In Times Of Emergency


Simply put: radio travels way farther than an LTE broadcast. That makes it much easier to get a signal and reaching as many people as possible is the first priority with emergency broadcasts. click here to read more.


Best AM Reception Tips


We've put together the best tips we've found for improving AM Reception and reducing interference, especially reception on portable radios. click here to read more.


AM Radio And IBOC


Turn on the radio and you won't hear much about IBOC. Why is that? I've asked around over the last few weeks, and talked with lots of different experts interested in the impact of digital radio in the US, and most people agree that IBOC is not reported on by the general media because it's just too technical. Well, when I look over the pages and pages of notes I have in front of me, it seems that it is a pretty technical issue - nevertheless, I think it's also something that more people should know about - especially any people who rely on radio for their news, information, and entertainment. click here to read more.


10 Tips on How to Prepare for the Next Natural Disaster


Seasons are always changing but are you ready for the next Emergency? What if a Fire sparks close to your home? What if a Hurricane is coming closer and picking up wind speed? ARE YOU PREPARED? click here to read more.


Solutions for the Sleepless


We've all been there. It's bed time and you look at the clock and 15 minutes have passed but you're still wide awake. Tick-tock, tick-tock, you look at the clock again... click here to read more.


How To Make A Simple Powerful AM Loop Antenna for Free


There are few truly magical things in this world that are practically free. This DIY AM antenna is best used outdoors but you can make it work inside by somehow re-routing the wires. It amplifies all weak AM signals, so a powerful local station might be heard over your entire AM radio dial. click here to read more.