CC WiFi-3 Internet Radio with Skytunes


C. Crane

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NEW CC WiFi-3!

The CC WiFi-3 is remarkable for listening to a clear signal from your favorite station. With the vast selection of stations on the new CC WiFi 3 you can also be assured you will discover radio shows you love. For example, there are about 1000 free rock, jazz and talk shows each to choose from! You can go to, click on the "Radio" header to be sure they carry your favorite station or host.

The CC Wifi-3 has a much quicker command response time than our previous models since the processor is faster. It comes with a 5 volt AC adapter and an included power cord that can be connected to a USB port for power. The WiFi receiving range is the best we have tested because of the included external antenna.

Audio is great for a full voice with clarity. If you would like superior audio for music, the CC WiFi 3 has a line-out which can be used for remarkable results with an amplified speaker system. The radio has an adjustable equalizer (Line Out and Headphone) for advance users centered at 105, 300, 850, 2400 and 6800 Hz plus an adjustable 3D setting for depth. Settings can be adjusted to your ear. Audio from the Line Out is equal to or better than any other WiFi radio we have tested.

  • It is a luxury to have an excellent audio source separate from your cell phone... plus it has a remote control!
  • Low cost, much less expensive than a year of satellite radio and no monthly fee
  • The display does scroll the song title and group if this information is provided by the stream. The screen is not capable of displaying advertising... and nobody tracks who you are
  • C. Crane includes a long range external antenna for longer distance WiFi reception
  • You can go to, click on the "Radio" header to be sure they carry your favorite station or host
  • You can add your own favorite stations by submitting a valid URL to
  • C. Crane's US-based technical support can help you with any questions about the operation of the CC WiFi-3
  • 2 Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Please Note: The CC WIFi 3 does not come with an ethernet port

Music Tip:

If you are primarily a music listener, you might consider an amplified speaker system. There are hundreds to choose from. Consider a separate bass speaker with tweeters if you like full bass response. We can recommend the Logitech Z625 2.1 Speaker System at under $150.00 which worked remarkably well for the price but it’s not perfect. Bass can be adjusted for voice clarity.

Higher end audio is a function of your likes and cost. You probably know that the cost can go up dramatically for better systems so it’s good to set a budget ahead of time. Visiting your local stereo store is sometimes the best way to find a system you like

Terms of Service:
  • Skytune only plays on a Skytune enabled radio. It is not accessible from your cellphone but most stations are available from other stream sources using your phone by using apps.
  • C. Crane has no control over content or the stream provider and cannot be responsible for Internet radio programs or availability.
  • If Skytune goes down, you will lose service. Anticipating this, we made sure you can put the URL of a station into the radio and continue listening to your radio. This feature does require a computer and technical knowledge. Finding the URL of a streaming station for this purpose is sometimes difficult or impossible as they change it each time it is accessed.
Manual Size Download Time
Instructions (PDF) CC WiFi-3 Internet Radio Instruction Manual 1MB 2:22 minutes @ 56Kbps

Can I connect the CC WiFi 3 Internet Radio wired to my router using an Ethernet cable?

No. This radio can only connect wirelessly to your WiFi router.

What's in the Box
  • CC WiFi-3 Internet Radio
  • AC Power Cord
  • Remote Control
General Specifications
Processor: 32 bit processor
Power Requirements: 5 volts DC
Reception: 5 dBi external antenna
  • 1-10 on the remote with one-button recall
  • holds over 100 memories in sequence
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
11.50 (in)
5.75 (in)
5.50 (in)
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