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When you want better AM reception, but also want an AM Antenna with some style points, this is a great choice.

The Terk Indoor AM antenna normally doubles the audio from a weak AM radio signal. At nighttime it can reduce fadeout by 90%. It is best used on a portable radio. No attachment is necessary because it induces a stronger signal into the ferrite antenna inside the radio.

When the power is out, like in a hurricane, this antenna can be used to pick up a more distant AM radio station for news. With simple experimentation you will find the best position in relation to your radio. Tune your portable or clock radio to a weak AM station. Place the antenna 1” or 2” away from your radio and adjust the tuning knob.

It is a “loop” antenna that responds remarkably well to the AM frequencies 520-1710 KHz. C. Crane was started with this type of antenna 40 years ago in 1983. Forty years before that, this type of antenna was mounted on several types of WWII aircraft to find their way home after a bombing run. It was tuned to a radio signal for an approximate direction and then swiveled 90 degrees so the pilot could fly what’s known as the “null” (no signal) which was within one degree of the correct way to fly home. Of course, there was the possibility they were flying in the exact wrong direction even with a compass. If the signal got weaker, they would turn around. Remember there were no satellites, GPS or computers at that time.

The TERK comes with a 6.75' wire with twin leads so you can connect it directly to your stereo or radio.

It easily outperforms any of the smaller untuned antennas normally included with a home stereo system.

For more tips on Improving your AM Reception visit our blog

Size: 9.25" H

What's in the Box
  • Product
  • AC Power Cord
General Specifications
Gain: 20dB
Loop Diameter: 9 ¼"
Optional Direct Connect Wire (Included): 6 ¾'
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
10.00 (in)
9.50 (in)
2.50 (in)
This antenna helps improve the AM reception of your radio or stereo receiver
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