SanDisk 8GB SD Card

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With an 8GB SD card, you can record month's worth of four-hour talk shows on your CC Witness or CC Witness Plus. An 8GB SD card can also hold about 2,000 MP3s downloaded from your computer. SD Cards are solid state, which means they have no moving parts, and offer you a great way to save and store files.

What kind of recording time can I expect when recording in mp3 format on a digital audio recorder?

Kilobits Per Second = (kbps)

Why am I able to use any of the files on my SD card but I am unable to change or write any new files to it?

Please remove the card from the drive and check to ensure the lock switch is in the off position on the card. If the lock switch is engaged it prevents any changes to the existing files on the card and prevents any new ones from being written to the card.

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An 8GB SD Card can also hold about 2,000 MP3s downloaded from your computer
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