Digital FM Transmitter 3 for Sending Near Broadcast Quality with Expanded Band


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Send Near Broadcast Quality Audio from your Mobile Phone or any Audio Device to any Nearby FM Radio!

The FM Transmitter 3 is a great way to deliver near-broadcast audio from any digital audio device to a traditional radio. A good example would be using the transmitter with a CC WiFi 3 to broadcast streaming audio to all the traditional radios in a house. Use the attached cable to connect to a headphone jack on your smart speaker, smartphone, or television to send near-broadcast quality audio to any nearby radio or stereo system. See more at

You can resolve audio delivery problems by using it with your iPhone®, Alexa® type device, WiFi internet radio, or satellite radio. Other customers have told us how they use it with their televisions, guitars, portable DVD players or iPod® (a lot of fun in cars) and even other radios. We use it regularly for listening to training videos at our company meetings.

It has a thumbwheel that allows you to adjust the input for perfect audio quality and a two-level LED indicator to help set optimal signal level. It broadcasts clean, very high fidelity stereo audio.

Maximum distance is about 45 feet line of sight with no obstructions. Broadcast distance will vary depending on your location (see FAQs for more details and Google: ccrane fm transmitter). AC adapter included, or runs on two "AA" batteries (not included). FCC compliant. Choose any FM frequency between 87.5 MHz and 108 MHz. Portable, fits in the palm of your hand.

Use our FM Transmitter with Alexa - A hacker's guide to Alexa

Weight: 5.8 oz. Size 3" W x 3.5" H x 1" D. FCC Compliant

Vacant FM Frequency Search Tool

Enter your City (or Zip Code) and State to find the best unused FM frequencies in your area. Using the best frequencies will ensure optimal performance with our FM Transmitter.

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How FM Transmitters Work

FM transmitters are great devices that serve a wide variety of applications. These devices are typically connected to the headphone jack (or audio output jack) of an audio source and are able to transmit the audio on vacant FM frequencies. These wireless FM broadcasts can then be received by any FM radio.

FM transmitters are often used to transmit audio from source devices like MP3 players, satellite radio receivers, etc. to car stereos, home theaters, or portable radios. Currently people are purchasing them to broadcast church services to their parking lot, hold mini drive in movies with their neighbors and hosting concerts in parking lots. One point of confusion that often exists, is transmitting an AM signal over FM. The transmitter doesn’t “care” what is on the audio signal, it just uses the FM broadcast band to send that signal to other devices on that same selected frequency.

One of the greatest benefits of FM transmitters is the fact that the transmitted audio signal may be received by any and all FM radios within range. As far as the radios are concerned, they are receiving an FM signal just like a normal FM radio station.

How far will the FM Transmitter 3 transmit?

The range will vary depending on several factors:

  • The number of FM Stations in your area (see search tool below)
  • The quality of the FM receiver and antenna
  • The number of walls the signal needs to travel through
  • The types of walls (wood, metal, sheet rock, stucco, etc.)

The output power of the FM Transmitter 3 is set to the maximum limit specified by the FCC. Most of our customers achieve 40 - 60 feet depending on their situation. The signal will travel up to 70' under good conditions. The FM Transmitter 3 will work better in a noise free environment. In a noisy environment (such as one with lots of FM and computer noise) you can expect less range. We recommend extending the FM transmitter-2 input cable away from the computer (or any other RF noisy device) when connected.

In open environments with minimal radio noise, the range of an FM transmitter can be easily increased by attaching a length of wire to the telescoping whip antenna of the FM transmitter. In our experiment, we attached a 31-inch length of wire to the whip antenna of an FM transmitter using an alligator clip (Any wire will work. Any clip that secures the wire to the transmitter's antenna will work).

We attached the other end of the wire to a PVC pipe to keep the wire vertically oriented. We could have used a regular thumb tack, a stationery clip, or just about anything to pin the end of the wire up vertically.

As the end user, you can search the internet on ways to increase the range for many electronic devices. If you are are having range problems, feel free to Contact Us.

What is the Broadcast Power for the FM Transmitter 3?

250 µV @ 3 meters. It is the maximum allowed by the FCC.

Is the FM Transmitter 3 legal?

Yes. It is certified by the FCC.

Does the FM Transmitter 3 broadcast in FM stereo?

Yes, if you are transmitting from a stereo device.

Can I use the FM Transmitter 3 to transmit directly off a microphone?

Yes, but it must be a self-powered microphone (one that uses a battery to power the mic).

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my FM Transmitter 3?

Any batteries can be used but transmitting range may not be as far because rechargeable batteries are generally lower voltage.

How long will a fresh set of AA Alkaline batteries power the FM Transmitter 3?

A set of AA Alkaline batteries rated at 2500 mAh would provide roughly 110 hours of runtime.

How long is the AC adapter cord for the FM Transmitter 3?

The cord is 6 feet long.

Does the C. Crane FM Transmitter 3 use a Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuit?


What is a Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuit?

A Phase Lock Loop is a circuit that locks onto the frequency selected and keeps the signal from jumping to other frequencies.

Will the FM Transmitter 3 turn back on automatically after a power outage?

If you are using the AC power adapter with the FM Transmitter 3 and have batteries inside (that are good), the loss of power (such as a power outage) and gain of power will not shut the unit off.

Is the audio input on the transmitter analog or digital?

The audio input is analog which is used by most radios, televisions, computers, smartphones, and other electronics. Some newer televisions and stereo systems use digital audio outputs. Digital output would not be compatible but there are adapters (available elsewhere) that can convert the digital signals to analog.

What's in the Box
  • FM Transmitter 3
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 1/8" x RCA Splitter Patchcord
  • Instruction Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty
General Specifications
Input/Output Power: AC Adapter:
     Input: 120V ~ 60Hz & 90mA
     Output: 5V ~ 100mA tip negative 2.1mm
Batteries: (2) AA size (not included)
Frequency Coverage: 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz
Audio Input: 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo Plug
Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 15,000 Hz
Power Consumption: 22.3mA
Dimensions: 3" W x 3.5" H x 1" D
Weight: 5.8 oz
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories: AC Adapter
Dual RCA Plugs x 1/8" Stereo Jack 6" Patch Cord
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
7.06 (in)
3.75 (in)
2.25 (in)
Use FM radio waves to send sound from any device you choose to any nearby radio or stereo system