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High Performance AM/FM Portable Radio built with Simplicity

... A Good Radio Should be Easy to Use

The new CC Radio-EP PRO is an enhanced version of the original EP. Simple controls with superior selectivity and sensitivity. The portable CCRadio-EP PRO could be considered a super radio; built for ease of use and outstanding long-range AM with our C. Crane Twin Coil Ferrite® AM Antenna. FM performance is excellent. Best AM radio for the money. The dial accuracy and frequency stability of the EP PRO is superior to our original EP model.

Great for listening to news talk, NPR®, music, and sports. The EP PRO has separate bass and treble adjustment controls for defined music and accurate and lively voice reproduction.

A large, 5-inch speaker is combined with a hi-fidelity amplifier. AM programs can be adjusted to sound similar to FM because of a "Wide/Narrow" enhancement switch and the fine tuning control of the Twin Coil Ferrite Antenna

Weight: 4.5 lbs. (without batteries). Size: 11.4" W x 7.3" H x 2.75" D. runs on included 6V AC adapter or battery operated (4) "D" batteries (not included).

General Features:
  • Accurate analog tuning with digital signal processing
  • Twin coil Ferrite® AM antenna
  • Audio tuned for voice clarity
  • Line-in and 1/8" stereo headphone jack
  • Lighted analog display
  • AM/FM
  • External antenna connections: spring loaded for AM and "F" connector for FM
  • Runs on included 6V AC Adapter or (4) D batteries. Runs for approx. 175 hours at moderate volume with display light off.

Review of the C. Crane CC Radio-EP PRO AM/FM Portable Radio by James Careless of Radio World

Review of the C. Crane CCRadio EP Pro Radio by Jay Allen of RADIOJAYALLEN.COM

When I turn on my CCRadio-EP Pro, I hear a quick pop. Is this normal?

Yes. The popping is created when power is delivered to the digital audio circuitry. We will continue trying to find a better solution.

Does the CCRadio-EP Pro have the ability to tune in 9KHz AM increments such as, used in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia?

Our CCRadio-EP Pro purchased direct from C Crane after 8/17/2018 includes a 9/10 KHz switch to change the AM tuning step from 10 KHz to 9 KHz for use in other countries. Prior CCRadio-EP Pros to 8/17/2018 or possibly purchased from another website or company may not include this option. Thank you!

What are the differences between CCRadio-EP and CCRadio-EP Pro?

While both radios look virtually identical and are excellent long distance receivers, the differences between them are quite noticeable. The original CCRadio-EP uses old style chips and was a true analog radio. The new CCRadio-EP Pro uses digital tuning which locks on to stations, while still maintaining an analog interface. We also improved the speaker and the audio circuit to provide superior voice clarity.

How long will a fresh set of D-size Alkaline batteries power the radio?

A set of D Alkaline batteries rated at 21000 mAh would provide roughly 175 hours of runtime. This is based on AM band usage and if the radio is played at a moderate volume level with the display light off.

What are the numbers at the top of the display used for (0-10)?

They're used as an indicator to help locate a frequency.

Why did we build the CCRadio-EP PRO?

This is a bit embarrassing, but we built it for my mother. I asked her one day if she was enjoying her CCRadioPlus I gave her. With a little prodding she looked at me in a way only a mother can and she said: "I don't like all the buttons". About six months later a customer came in the store in a focused rush and asked for a radio "without all the buttons... just a regular radio". I knew at that moment we had to build the EP knowing full well that success was to be measured by customer satisfaction and not necessarily money (most people have no idea of the actual cost to develop a new product, even a simple radio). I told him to come back in a year or two. He probably thought I was blowing smoke!

I am experiencing bleed over from competing stations on AM; is there any way to resolve this?

Try nulling out the signal by turning the radio in a slightly different direction. You can also modify the amount of signal being let in by adjusting the Wide/Narrow knob. Lastly, try adjusting the AM Fine Tuning knob. Another suggestion would be to connect an external AM antenna to the back of the radio, making sure to change the antenna switch on the back of the radio to EXT.

I am completely unable to receive AM on my CCRadio-EP PRO; is something set wrong?

First, check the back of the radio and make sure the Internal/External switch is set to Internal. Next check the Twin Coil Tuning Knob to make sure it is in the center position.

Can I use Lithium type batteries in my radio?

Technically NO. We do not recommend using Lithium type batteries due to the higher voltage they produce. Even though the specifications for some lithium batteries state 1.5 volts, they can register up to 1.8 volts when they are fresh. Our products are designed to operate on a very light load. Using lithium batteries that register higher (using a voltmeter) than 1.6 volts can cause damage to our products.

What's in the Box
  • CCRadio-EP Pro
  • AC Power Adapter
General Specifications
Input Power AC Adapter: 6VDC 800mA tip negative
Batteries: (4) D size (not included)
Speaker 5", 8 ohm, 5W
Audio Output 2 Watt RMS
Frequency Coverage AM 520 - 1710 kHz (10 kHz steps)
AM 522 - 1620 kHz (9 kHz steps) as of 9/17/2018
FM 87.5 - 108 MHz
Sensitivity FM > 5μv
AM (MW) > 0.2 mV/M
Bandwidth Wide > 6kHz
Narrow > 2.5kHz
AM Antenna Internal Ferrite Bar - 12mm x 200mm (7.9") long with Twin Coil
Ferrite® technology
FM Antenna Telescopic whip antenna
Earphone Jack 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Aux In Jack 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo
Dimensions 11.4" W x 7.3" H (8.4" H with handle) x 2.75" D
Weight 4.5Ibs
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Included Accessories AC Adapter (72")
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
15.50 (in)
8.00 (in)
4.50 (in)
Best AM/FM radio for the money. Ideal for those looking for simplicity and great reception.
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